Disasters affect millions of people each year on a personal, business, local community, national or international level. The majority of damage in the event of a disaster is due to improper city planning, failure of structural design, poor infrastructural facilities, ignorance of building norms, low quality substitutes of building materials and lack of site investigations. Disasters can be natural or human made. Earthquake, cyclone, hailstorm; cloudburst, landslide, soil erosion, snow avalanche, flood etc. are the examples of natural disasters while fire, epidemics, road, air, rail accidents and leakages of chemicals/ nuclear installations etc. fall under the category of human-made disasters.

NIVV Consultancy Services LLP has a dedicated and highly experienced team of experts dealing in Disaster Management since last three decades. Our Services in Disaster Management includes Identification and Mapping of Disaster Prone Area, Mathematical and physical modelling of disaster prone area, Preparation of Action plan in case of Disaster, Development of Disaster Resistant Infrastructure, Capacity Building, Training and preparedness.  In the sector of Disaster Management, our business is involved in:

  • River Engineering and Flood Control
  • Urban Flooding
  • Landslide Hazard Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Earthquake Resistant Structures

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