Water is an inevitable element for human life and the environment. Water resource engineering is concerned with sustainable management and effective use of this potentially useful resource of life.

The backbone of NIVV Consultancy Services “Shri. P.C. JAIN”, an Alumnus of IIT Roorkee-Batch 1968 [formally known as College of Civil Engineering at Roorkee (1847–1854); Thomason College of Civil Engineering (1854–1947); University of Roorkee (1947–2001)] is a renowned name in Water Resources Engineering. With over 50 years of experience, he has served as Chief Engineer in U.P. irrigation department (INDIA). Retired in 2004, he has designed and executed almost around 500 structure in the field of water resource engineering starting from preliminary investigation to commissioning of projects.

Our services in the disciple of water resources extend from preliminary investigation phase to preparation of feasibility reports, detailed project reports, Good for construction drawings and getting it approved from the competent authority. We are blessed to work with highly qualified and experienced renowned experts in the field of water resources, most of whom are renowned names in their respective fields. Our experts have been directly or indirectly associated with most of the famous water resource engineering marvels in India and abroad such as Tehri Dam Project (Highest Dam in  India), Sharda and Sharda Sahayak Canal Project (Biggest Canal Irrigation Project of India), Tawa Major Irrigation Project (Biggest Canal Irrigation of M.P.), Chambal Canal Project (Biggest Canal Irrigation Project of Rajasthan) and many more. Our team has also extended its services for several projects funded by various International funding agencies like The World Bank, ADB (Asian Development Bank), NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development), J.I.C.A. (Japan International Cooperation Agency). No doubt, our highly skilled and rich experienced team makes us a powerful partner to any aspect of water resource development.

Our services in the disciple of water resources engineering is involved in:

  • Dams and Reservoirs.
  • Weirs and Barrages.
  • Major, Minor and Macro Irrigation.
  • Gravity and Life Irrigation.
  • Pressurized Irrigation or Pipe Irrigation.
  • Command Area Development.
  • Ground Water Exploration and Conservation.
  • Water Bodies and Lake Conservation.
  • River Engineering.
  • Flood Management.
  • Integrated Watershed Management.

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